Specialty Mirror

Tinted, Low Iron and Antique Mirrors

The specialty mirror program offered by Walker Glass goes beyond mirror made with clear glass. On one hand you can find four different antique mirrors that will give a touch of sophistication to the décor. For a more contemporary look, mirror using low-iron, bronze or grey glass will bring a rich feel with style.

Product Specifications

Antique Mirror

  • Thickness : 6MM
  • Size: 48” x 94 ½”
  • Availability: 15 sheets, crated

Tinted and Low Iron Mirrors

Low Iron

  • Thicknesses: 5MM or 6MM
  • Size: 96” x 130”
  • Availability: 4000lbs case or block

Bronze and Grey 

  • Thicknesses: 5MM or 6MM
  • Size: 96” x 130”
  • Availability: 2 000 lbs or 4 000lbs case or block

Black and blue mirror is also available on demande

Special Fabrication Instructions with Respect to Antique Mirror

The excessive use of cutting oils may alter the protective coat of paint at the back of the mirror. We recommend to wash the mirror immediately after cutting or to use paper interleaving.

Project Pictures Featuring Antique Mirrors



- Antique Mirror: None
- Tinted and low iron mirrors: Standard 10-year Walker Glass warranty (available on demand)

Is Walker Glass mirror the right solution?

If you are an architect, designer, glass fabricator, project manager or any other glass professional, we can help you write your mirror specifications. If you need more information or product samples and to receive a copy of our 3 Part Specifications, please fill out the following form.

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