Custom Acid-etched

Walker Textures® Nuance Custom Patterned Acid-Etched Glass and Mirror Products

Whether you have specific needs or whether you simply wish to use your imagination, a world of creative patterns is available to you with Custom Walker Textures® Nuance. Different acid-etched combinations are available to create your desired visual effect. Suddenly, your drawing board is a large sheet of glass!

The custom product line features five different acid-etch combinations allowing you to obtain your desired result. Here are the different combinations available:

Patterned Acid-Etched Glass and Mirror Advantages

  • Consistent finish and appearance           
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Unique designs
  • Significantly reduce glare
  • Light diffusion
  • Added depth
  • Greater measure of privacy

Custom Patterned Acid-etched Glass and Mirror Product Specifications

  • Substrates:
    • Glass, on one or two sides
    • Mirror, on one side only
  • Colors: Clear, bronze, grey, black, blue or ultra-clear *
  • Glass thicknesses: 3 mm to 19 mm **
  • Mirror thicknesses: 3 mm to 6 mm **
  • Sizes available: 72’’ X 130’’, 84’’ X 130’’ and 96” x 130”
  • Subject to minimum quantity, contact our Customer Service Department

* Tempering of ultra-clear glass is recommended to correct slight color variances caused by the Walker Textures® Nuance manufacturing process.
** Subject to glass availability.

Visit our Design Center to marry patterns with interior or exterior applications

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