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Walker Textures® AviProtek® Bird Friendly Acid-etched Glass

Bird collisions with building glass facades occur across North America and are the major cause of bird mortality, claiming the lives of millions of birds each year. The magnitude of the problem is such that an important trend has emerged across North America to make buildings much more bird friendly.

Glass causes a major threat to birds by its transparency and reflectivity. With vegetation reflected in the glass, birds are not able to distinguish between a real tree and its image. For a collision to be fatal, the distance from the starting point to the glass facade does not need to be greater than just a few feet. Contrary to popular belief, bird collisions are not just a problem during migratory periods… but all year round!


Walker’s Answer...

Several years ago, Walker Textures® recognized the need for better bird-friendly glazing options and engaged in extensive research to understand bird behavior and the properties required on glass to minimize the risk of collisions. 

Test protocols and experiments to assess the effectiveness of glass surface treatments have constantly evolved in recent years to a point where the need for an industry wide accepted test standard has been recognized. As a result, a new ASTM committee has recently been created to respond to this need.

To date, tests and experiments have highlighted certain key properties for the glass to be effective at preventing bird collisions:

  • Visual markers for birds are more effective on the outside surface of the glass as they can be seen from all angles and in varied exterior conditions.
  • The geometry and the spacing of the visual markers must respect criteria commonly referred to as the “2x4” Rule: two inches or less of horizontal space or four inches or less of vertical space should be left untreated.
  • Horizontal

    2x4 rule horizontal
  • Vertical

    2x4 rule vertical

While scientific community research has taken place, Walker Textures® has, through our own R&D efforts, responded to new evidence and developed options to not only meet bird- friendly criteria, but also marry them with the design intents of architects and solar performance targets.

As a result we are providing a comprehensive package of 3 different solutions along with custom options to meet market expectations in many different ways:

AviProtek®: Acid-etched markers on the outside surface

AviProtek® E: Acid-etched markers on the outside surface with Vitro Glass solar control low-e coating on surface 2

AviProtek® T: Transparent UV markers on the outside surface of the glass

AviProtek® Custom: Acid-etched markers on the outside surface

The Walker Textures® research and development team will continue to be at the forefront of bird safe requirements. We are committed to continuously monitor new developments and standards to offer effective glazing solutions, meeting the bird-friendly design and performance needs of the marketplace.


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LEED–Credit 55

The US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has added Credit 55: Bird Collision Deterrence, to their Pilot Credit Library in October 2011.

Walker Textures® AviProtek® with or without Solarban® glass products can contribute to achieving credit under LEED v4 (and earlier versions) in the categories of Energy and Atmosphere (EA), Materials and Resources (MR), Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), Innovation in Design (IN) and Bird Collision Deterrence.

To learn more about the LEED Pilot Credit 55 on Bird Collision Deterrence, please visit:


For more information on green design and LEED please check the USGBC website by clicking here


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