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Worker Safety And Environmental Protection Policy

Walker Glass is fully committed to the diligent protection of both the environment and the health and safety of its workers and its customer’s workers.

Walker Textures® acid-etched glass products are produced using hydrofluoric acid, a substance which poses potential risks both to workers and to the environment. Worker safety and the environment were, therefore, Walker Glass' principal concerns in implementing the acid-etching process in its Montreal manufacturing facility.


Pursuant to extensive research and development, Walker has equipped itself with state-of-the-art environmental control equipment, including air scrubbers to neutralize toxic fumes before they are released to the atmosphere as well as a waste water purification system which eliminates harmful fluorine ions from the waste stream. Walker Glass holds and maintains in good standing the following government-issued permits:

Quebec – Ministère de l’Environnement
(Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks)
Air, Water and Solid Waste:
ref # 7610-06-01-0097411-400076881
and ref # 7610-06-01-0682010-400529091
and  ref # 7610-06-01-0682011-400559034

Montreal – Direction de l’Environnement
(Div. Contrôle des Rejets Industriels)
(Department of Environment, Industrial Waste Control Division)
Air (glass etching): ref # 201.01.00 – 13.46 and file # 01-800971 – permit #2096

Air (printing/masking) :file # 01-800971 – permit #2082

Water (glass etching) : ref # 4310B024 andfile # 01-800971 – permit #760

Solid waste, waste water and air emissions are continually monitored, both internally and by the appropriate regulatory bodies and remain at all times within the limits imposed by municipal, provincial and federal regulations. Details of these limits are available upon request.

Worker Safety

Harmful fumes in work areas are captured, treated and evacuated. Workers are further protected with acid-resistant suits and breathing masks to minimize any potential health or safety risk. During the final step of production, all residual hydrofluoric acid is removed from the glass, leaving nothing but trace amounts well within safe and acceptable limits. The final product is a beautiful, enduring satin-finished glass which poses no greater risk to people or the environment than the float glass from which it is made.

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