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San Francisco Bird Friendly Glass Regulations

Added on 01/22/2019

Watch our new video to learn more about San Francisco’s newly-implemented city regulations to save bird’s lives, and what architects need to know when designing a new building in the city area.
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Update & Insight : Glass and California AB262

Added on 11/28/2018

In this perceptive video, Vik Ahuja, an Account Executive with Thinkstep, reviews the new California Bill: AB 262 and its impact on flat glass in terms of regulations and related requirements. Thinkstep is a leading sustainability consultancy that generates in-house life cycle assessments and corporate sustainability reporting for manufacturers.
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Bird-friendly Glass Regulation Updates

Added on 11/28/2018

More and more people all over North America are recognizing the importance of bird-friendly new building regulations and its impact on wildlife! Listen to our new video and grasps the latest bird-friendly news in the industry.
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AIA NYC Participation

Added on 07/17/2018

Walker Glass would like to thank all of the attendees who came to meet with us at The AIA 2018 National Convention held last month in New York City. We hope you had as much fun as we did. See you next time!
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AviProtek® E Low-e Bird Friendly Glass

Added on 02/16/2018

AviProtek® E preserving bird life as well as energy.
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Walker Textures® Acid-etched Mirrors

Added on 06/12/2017

Walker Textures® acid-etched mirrors offer a wealth of opportunities.
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Walker Textures® Traction Force

Added on 05/25/2017

Walker Textures® Traction New anti-slip Force coming soon!
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The Recent Developments In Acid-etched Glass

Added on 03/23/2017

Innovative Walker Textures® Aviprotek® Acid-etched Glass
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The Perfect Balance Between Innovation and Practical Experience With Acid-etched Glass

Added on 01/13/2017

Creative use of Walker Textures® Opaque finish in the new H&M building’s façade in Toronto
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Walker Textures® Acid-etched Glass Video

Added on 05/05/2016

Full surface acid-etched glass
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Walker Textures® Nuance Video

Added on 03/08/2016

Your domestic source for patterned acid-etched glass!
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Walker Textures® Bloopers of 2015

Added on 01/19/2016

Walker Glass made 3 videos in 2015 and here are the takes which you have not seen! All the bloopers from last year.
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Walker Textures® Transition Video

Added on 11/13/2015

A New Way to Look at Acid-etched Glass!
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Slip Resistant Walkways with Acid-etched Glass

Added on 10/05/2015

Walker Textures® Traction anti-slip acid-etched glass is great for both interior and exterior applications.
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Walker Textures® AviProtek® Video

Added on 08/13/2015

Walker Textures®: The leader in bird friendly acid-etched glass!
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Traction - Anti-slip Acid-etched Glass

Added on 12/19/2014

Traction is an all-glass acid-etched walkway solution, using no coatings, paints or appliqués susceptible to chipping or flaking off. The slip resistant properties of Traction glass are entirely derived through acid etching.
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Video of Bird Friendly Glass

Added on 06/18/2014

Glass façades of buildings are a serious threat to birds, killing millions of them every year in North America. Birds are attracted by the environment reflected in the glass. This problem is so serious that the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) and the USGBC have worked together to create LEED pilot credit 55 on bird collision deterrence.
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Exterior Applications of Acid etched Glass

Added on 06/18/2014

Contrary to popular belief, acid-etched glass is not only suitable for interiors but can be readily used in exterior applications as well. This versatile translucent substrate is ideally suited to reduce glare, diffuse light, create depth, and provide privacy while maximizing daylighting. Combined with any low-e substrate in an insulated glass unit, acid-etched glass creates a brilliant and stunning energy-efficient glazing alternative.
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