Walker Textures® Processes

Walker Textures® acid-etched glass and mirror can be transformed in many ways.

It may be tempered in the same manner as unetched glass. However, when edging glass prior to tempering, it is important to follow the Walker Textures® fabrication guidelines.

It may be laminated in the same manner as unetched glass providing that the laminate is applied to the unetched surface.

It may be installed in the same manner as unetched glass, following normal industry installation standards and appropriate codes.

The chart below lists the recommended transformation processes.

  Glass Mirror
Tempering Yes ---
Laminating Yes1 ---
Insulating Yes ---
Bending Yes ---
Cutting Yes Yes
Drilling Yes Yes
Bevelling Yes Yes
Polishing Yes Yes
Silvering Yes1 ---
Painting Yes1 ---
Fire Rating Yes ---

1Non-etched surface only


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