Walker Textures™ Bird Friendly Glass

Number 1 Surface Solution!

AviProtek™ is the basic bird friendly solution by Walker Textures™ with the acid-etched designs on the number 1 surface of the glass.

Following the recommendations of experts the designs are based on the 2x4 Rule.
The AviProtek™ products can be used for guard rails, rain screens or in insulated units and can be combined with a low-e glass on position 3.

Benefits of Walker Textures™ AviProtekMC

  • Full surface etching on either side of the glass
  • Patterns etched on the outside surface of the glass, offering an optimal combination of viewing areas and attractive bird safe designs meeting the 2x4 rule
  • Excellent “threat factors”, ranging from 5 to 29.8 on position 1
  • Effective both from a direct or angled view
  • No significant impact on the level of visible light transmission
  • The resistance properties of the closed pore surface of acid-etched glass are equivalent to unetched glass and offer the only suitable solution for treatment on the outside surface 
  • Can be combined with energy efficient glass, in a double glazed unit
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Pattern 211

    bird safe glass pattern 211
  • Pattern 213

    bird friendly glass pattern 213
  • Pattern 214

    bird safe pattern 214
  • Full Surface

    bird friendly glass

Walker Textures™ AviProtekMC Offering

  • Colors: Clear and ultra-clear, others available on demand
  • Thicknesses: Standard 6mm, others available on demand
  • Dimensions:
    • Patterns: Standard 96’’ x 130’’
    • Full Surface: Standard 96’’ x 130’’ up to 100’’ x 144’’
  • Energy: Can be combined with any low-e glass on position 3
  • Threat Factors:
    •     ​Patterns:  29.8 on position 1 (70.2% of times birds will avoid collision)
    •     ​​​Full Surface:
      • 5 on position 1 (95% of times birds will avoid collision)
      • 25 on position 2 (75% of times birds will avoid collision)
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