AviProtek® E: Bird Safe Low-E Coated Acid-etched Glass

Saving Birds’ Lives & Energy Was Never As Easy!

AviProtek® E combines the acid-etch visual markers on the number 1 surface with the Solarban® high performance low-e coatings on position 2, creating the ideal bird friendly glazing solution to preserve birds’ lives and energy at the same time!

Walker Glass and Vitro Glass have joined forces to create the first generation of low-e coated acid-etched bird safe glass. This innovation brings the best of both worlds together and will help architects and building owners achieve their environmental goals and earn LEED credits, while meeting solar performance targets.


  • Excellent threat factor
  • Effective both from a direct or angled view
  • No significant impact on visible light transmission
  • Resistance properties are equivalent or superior to unetched glass
  • Exceptional solar control performance enables buildings to use less energy and control long-term energy costs
  • Provides ample visible light and vision areas, connecting occupants to natural outdoor views
  • Sustainable design and LEED credit opportunities

Saving birds’ lives and energy was never as easy!

Product Information

  • Patterns: 211, 213 and 214
  • Threat Factors, on position 1: Pattern 211: 23, Pattern 213: 29.8, Pattern 214: 30
  • Substrates: Clear and Starphire Ultra-ClearTM glass by Vitro Glass
  • Thickness: 6MM
  • Size: 96” x 130’’ only
  • Low-e Coatings: Available with Solarban®60 VT and Solarban®70XL VT glasses by Vitro Glass
  • Quantity: Subject to minimum quantity of 2 packs of 4000lbs
  • Availability: AviProtek® with Solarban® glass products are only available from members of the Vitro CertifiedTM Network.

*Solarban, Starphire Ultra-Clear, Vitro, Vitro Certified and their respective logos are trademarks owned by Vitro Architectural Glass. 

Note: Custom patterns meeting bird friendly standards are also available on demand.


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