Bird Friendly Glass Testing

Test methods and results for bird friendly glass

Using the current testing methods to assess the effectiveness of its acid-etch visual markers and based on the 2x4 Rule with markers on the number 1 surface, Walker Textures® AviProtek® products have been evaluated positively.

Tunnel Testing by ABC

Led by Dr Christine Sheppard, ABC is conducting research, based on the work of Martin Rössler of Austria, to quantify the relative threat of different types of glass and their treatments. One at a time, birds are introduced into a dark tunnel and then released, where they fly in the direction of two samples of glass positioned at the end of it. One clear glass sample (invisible to them) and then the other one is the test glass. Their flying trajectory is observed, filmed and scored to establish a “Threat Factor”. Ratings under 30 are considered friendly to birds as 70% of them would have flown in another direction.

Field Experiments by Dr. Daniel Klem

At Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, Dr. Daniel Klem developed a field experiment using various window panes placed in a forest with bird feeders 33 feet away from them. The windows were moved daily in order to better assess the various visual markers used during this experiment. The testing period was held over 65 days. The results clearly showed that acid-etched markers following the 2x4 Rule on position 1 were most effective in deterring birds.

Real Life Applications

Despite all the tests and theories, what happens in real life applications? The usage of Walker Textures® acid-etched glass on position 1 in exterior applications is growing and can be found in multiple projects in North America. Field reports indicate Walker Textures® acid-etched glass products have been effective in reducing bird collisions.


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